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About Inventions:
Ever since US Patent
Office (USPTO) changed
its rules from
invented first"
to "Who
applied first"
, public  
communications of
inventions, even the ones
already patented, has
become rather risky! That
is because inventions are
highly dynamic and
improvements are an
ongoing "patentable"
process. For example, the
bike invention that is
posted here has already
gone through drastic
changes. The
improvements are the
subject of a new patent
application. I have a
variety of inventions on
Bicycles, Mailboxes,  
Footwear and, yes literally
a better (more humane)
Mouse Trap!

Sorry but until the
inventions are ready for
the market, that is all I can
risk talking about!

Jon Vazeen
copyright: Vazeen
copyright: Vazeen
copyright: Vazeen

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